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2022/23 Fees Structure

You can apply for numerous opportunities via an open and free-to-all process. Placement providers use their own recruitment and selection procedures.

Registration Fees

Registration fees is applicable to new students only.

CEY and Primary MK 150,000.00
High SchoolMK 200,000.00

Diagnostic Fees

Find out more about the Diagnostic Tests we offer here.

CEY MK 30,000.00
PrimaryMK 35,000.00
High SchoolMK 40,000.00
A LevelsMK 45,000.00

Tuition Fees

Pre - CEY and CEY 1MK 440,000.00
CEY 2 and CEY 3MK 475,000.00
Year 1MK 550,000.00
Year 2MK 550,000.00
Year 3MK 580,000.00
Year 4MK 630,000.00
Year 5MK 630,000.00
Year 6MK 730,000.00
Year 7MK 780,000.00
Year 8MK 780,000.00
Year 9MK 850,000.00
Year 10MK 980,000.00
Year 11MK 1,100,000.00
AS (Lower)MK 1,250,000.00
AS (Upper)MK 1,250,000.00

Caution Fees

This is refundable upon satisfactory return of all school resources without damages, upon exit. 

CEY MK 70,000.00
PrimaryMK 100,000.00
High SchoolMK 120,000.00
A LevelsMK 150,000.00

A Level Fees - eLearning

We now offer A Level through eLearning

Apply for admission here.

Tuition FeesRegistration Fees (New Students)Caution Fees (Refundable)
CommercialsMK 285,000.00MK 150,000.00N/A
Computer SciencesMK 315,000.00MK 150,000.00MK 60,000.00
HumanitiesMK 285,000.00MK 150,000.00N/A
LanguagesMK 285,000.00MK 150,000.00N/A
Pure SciencesMK 315,000.00MK 150,000.00MK 60,000.00