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Mrs. Tariro Chinamasa
Head of Early Years

We are dedicated to ensuring that all learners feel safe, cared for and happy. Pastoral care and safeguarding the learners are at the center of what we do every day and are so much more than just a policy.

We listen, we notice, and we communicate. A happy child will succeed – happiness breeds success. We have a robust pastoral structure to ensure every child feels fully supported.

If your child has a problem during the school day, they may well want to call you directly. Please discourage this; your child’s first port of call should be a member of staff. If the problem is such that you need to be made aware immediately then either the school will contact you, or your child will be given permission to call you from the school office. We aim to encourage learners to develop their independence and resilience; following the expected procedures in dealing with difficulties is part of this. If a child calls home immediately when something goes wrong then several problems can be created:

  • The school may not hear about the problem until much later, or not at all, which makes the problem much harder to deal with;
  • Learners often react first and then, once they have calmed down, think later. A problem that seems impossible at first can become much less so later on. Parents are made unduly anxious or often have their time wasted trying to ring school to sort out problems that they have heard about which, had the Learner gone first to a member of staff, need not have been a problem at all.


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