third question that ignited a whole different conversation. I didn’t know any Malawian site dedicated to Reggae and/or Dancehall music at that time. I told myself I would do something.

Fast forward… in the first quarter of 2021, I found the motivation and acquired resources to execute the idea. I reached out to wonder to tell him that I had found the answer to his third question.

Having the finished project in my PC was one thing, launching it was another. Fortunately, I had been in contact with jah of the Tuff Lions Band. He linked me to @bl who was gracious enough to give me space to launch the website during his event at N1 Café in City Centre. @rod came and provided the much needed technical assistance. That was it, became LIVE on 10th April, 2021! After the presentation, what followed was a moment of ecstasy – more about it in the next posts.