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The School reserves the Right to Admission

Fees paid are not Refundable after one Month of attending Refundable Fees will attract an administration charge of 30%.

Caution Fees will apply if you are doing Science or Computer related studies. These are payable and refundable only upon the transfer of the learner out of the school or completion of the program but subject to clearance by the

Tuition fees must be paid before examination fees. For examination classes, tuition fees must be honored first before examination fees. Fees for third term must be paid in full before registration and payment for GCE and A Level examination.

For a learner to process to another level or class, they should have completed the pervious class and sat for end of term exams or Cambridge examinations for examination classes. The product not allow repetition of classes.

A Level has 3 pathways and the learner must indicate on the registration form or after orientation which pathway they have chosen to enroll into. 

If a learner is working, this must be stated on the application form.

For learners whose fees is managed by themselves must state on the application form.

The required contact time must be fulfilled in order to seat for an exam.

A leaner shall not be allowed to register for A2 if they have not completed AS satisfactorily or provide poof of a school leaving certificate or transcript to show that they wrote exams.

Resource and learning material, shall be electronic and the leaner shall be expected to have capability to access the material at a fee. Access to material shall be as prescribed by the publishers.

If an examination candidate or a learner in an examination class chooses to write one subject or to split his/her sitting this must be communicated a month before registration of exams.

Learners on the online platform will have access to the product when fees is paid. If, a learner is found to contravene the school policy on the online platform the school reserves the right to dismiss the learner.

In an instance, where the learner has failed to pay tuition fee and has paid examination fees, the school will deduct such payment for tuition fee first.

Late fees payment will attract a penalty of 15% on the outstanding balance. Dishonoured cheques and all standing orders will attract a penalty of Mk 100 00 per Item.

A learner who is withdrawn within three weeks of registration will pay a third of the fees chargeable, however a learner who is withdrawn after three weeks of registration will be required to pay FULL school fees.

At the point of withdrawal, the leaner and parent/guardian/sponsor should notify the school in writing immediately when such a decision has been made.

For any documents uploaded as part of the application, the school reserves the right to verify by contacting the issuer of such documents.


Find the fees structure here.

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