05 January, 2024

Dear Esteemed Parents/Guardians,

A happy and prosperous new year to you our distinguished parents/guardians. As the 2023/2024 academic year continues, we would like to welcome you our new and existing parents/guardians to the TLAIS community as well as share with you the following important updates:


The Lilongwe Academy International School opens on 9th January 2024 for the 2nd Term of 2023/2024 Academic year.

Kindly be reminded that 50% fees must be paid on or before school opens on 9 January 2023 as per school fees policy.


Find information about fees and other payments on this link... TLAIS - Fees Structure.

NB: Kindly note that invoices have been sent to your respective email addresses, for those who have not yet received contact the accounts or the Heads of Section.

When paying for the fees, the following details must be included on the proof of payment: Name of the ward and Class / Year.

Reminder: Fees payment details
National Bank: The Lilongwe Academy, Account Number 1418084
Standard Bank: The Lilongwe Academy, Account Number 9100001473457

Kindly be reminded that deposit slips must be dropped at Accounts office or sent through +265 880595135 or +265 984038662 or accounts@lilongweacademy.ac.mw.
The proof of payments must also be shared with the respective Heads of Section.


Please take note of the following knocking off times:

CEY: 12:00hrs Monday to Friday
Primary: 15:00hrs Monday to Thursday, 13:00hrs on Fridays
High School: 15:30hrs Monday to Thursday and 13:10hrs on Fridays

NB: Please also take note that learners will be knocking off at 13:10hrs during the opening week.

226.3.1 Stationery

Parents/guardians who did not bring stationery for their wards in Infant Section (Year 1 and 2) are requested to submit when school opens. The requirements are as follows: Glue stick (1) Lim of papers (1) Rubber (1) Sharpener (1) Pencils (1) Pack Crayons (1) pack.


Kindly be reminded that pick up procedures must be observed and charges will be applied for late pick up.

Parents/guardians who instructed their wards to walk home at knock off time must fill a commitment form at the reception and those who are picked by different drivers must make prior arrangements with Heads of Section or the Administrator.

Please take note of the following pick and drop points:

CEY & Year 1 to 2 : Old Carpark by the Primary building
Primary (Year 3 to 6): By the Marquee assisted by Teachers on duty
High School: The old Carpark

NB: Please take note of the new arrangements of pick and drop and let us follow the internal road signs for easy flow of traffic.


226.5.1 Primary Check Point Examinations
Cambridge Primary Check Point Examinations will be administered from 24th to 26th April 2024.

Parents are advised to register their wards in time before registration closes on 21st February 2024. Parents are therefore reminded to pay the tuition fees for two terms (Term 2 and Term 3) before the closing date. Fees are inclusive of Examination fees for the following subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Science, Global Perspectives, Digital Literacy and Music.

Learners are expected to submit their Global Perspective reports to their teachers by 29 February 2024.

226.5.2 Year 9 Check Point Examinations
Year 9 Check Point Examinations will also be administered from 24th to 26th April 2024.

Note that Year 9, 11 and 12 examination and tuition fees should all be paid before 7 February 2024.

School fees are exclusive of Examination Fees for the required seven or more subjects for Year 9 and 11, four subjects for year 12 and three subjects for year 13 as charged by Cambridge at the prevailing exchange rate.

Year 11 Global Perspective reports are to be submitted by 15 March 2024.
Results will be out by 22 June 2024.

NB: Examination fees will be communicated as soon as possible.

At TLAIS we believe in a healthy culture and in five qualities of a Cambridge beginner of which one of them is being responsible. Grooming is part of the process of having responsible and dependable citizens. To make sure that this is achieved, (it starts with the little things) hence school uniform and sports attire will be strictly observed. Learners who do not have complete school uniform set are advised to kindly purchase from the uniform shop.

All leaners must come to school in neat school uniform, neat and proper hair do and sportswear during sports days or P.E.

The following are the new rates for school bus and uniform prices respectively:

226.7.1 School Bus

K110, 000 One Way (Door to Door) Per Month; K140, 000 Two Ways (Door to Door) per Month per learner.

226.7.2 School Uniform

High School Boys Uniform Price - K222,000.00
High School Girls Uniform Price - K217,000.00
Primary School/CEY Boys Uniform Price - K 171,000.00
Primary School/CEY Girls Uniform Price - K180, 000.00

  • 226.8.1 CEY 1 and CEY 2 are scheduled to take their first Cambridge Early Years Exams, known as Check Together SOY (Start of Year), from January 16th, 2024, to January 26th, 2024.
  • 226.8.2 Parents are expected to bring in school supplies for their children. The list of required items will be posted on the CEY notice board and sent via email.
  • 226.8.3 On February 16, 2024, we celebrate Book Reading Day! On this occasion, students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book characters. Parents, start preparing those creative costumes for your little learners!
  • 226.8.4 Ballet lessons at the CEY: Join us for ballet lessons at the CEY section, priced at Mk15,000 per month. Lessons take place every Friday, starting from January 12th, 2024. Parents interested in enrolling their little ones should register soon.
Let’s continue to stand beside our students, supporting them every step of the way. We continue to appreciate your support.
Kind regards.
Yohani Kasambara
+265 888 969 711
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